Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is Air Canada Jazz really owned by Air Canada?

Alot of people assume the just because Air Canada Jazz has Air Canadas name means they are running like Air Canada(with the wonderful srvice we've all come to love). Truth it was once owned by Air Canada when it was created.

Established in 2001, Air Canada Jazz was formed make up for the failed Air Canada connector carriers such as Air BC, Air Nova, Air Ontario and Canadian Regional Airlines and shortly after the successful takeover of Canadian Airlines by Air Canada.

When Air Canada Jazz was started they did a Toronto City Centre Airport to Ottawa. After many flights from Toronto Air Canada could no longer afford the price of treminal space and canceld one of Jazz's main routes (The drop of Air Canada's Terminal space helped paved the way to create Porter Airlines(top left)

In 2006 ACE Aviation Holdings sold off all of their Air Canada Jazz assets. Air Canada Jazz is now an independent company known as Jazz Air Income Fund. They are not run by Air Canada but they are running for Air Canada.

Air Canada Jazz has three aviation incidents but there has been no injury or fatalites on thier record.

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