Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Westjet in 2016

Westjets profit-sharing has paved the way in aviation history.

Only being the third largest airline in Canada Westjet has been very profitable, so profitable that it is said that by 2016 Westjet will be one of the top 5 profitable international airlines in the WORLD!!!!! all thanks to Thier profit-sharing.

Westjet and its equal airline Southwest Airlines where the only airlines in north america that where able to be profitable.

Westjet is also begining flights up north, which I believe could create a merger between Westjet and Canadian North(which like Air Canada Jazz was once owned by Air Canada).

Westjet hopes to code share with KLM, Air France, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.(not even Air Canada could do that)

WestJet will also introduce their own frequent flyer program in 2009.

In my oppinion I think in the next ten years, Air Canada will go Bankrupt(as long as our government does not bail them out) and Westjet will be our national airline or if westjet continues on the path its on it will buy Air canada.

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